Eid Mubarak | Quick Updates!

Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim friends!

Yes, I have been missing and maybe have been missed too (teehee)? Since my last post, I have given birth to a baby boy (sorry, no birth story – that’s for my own memory to keep), I have survived staying alive with less than 7 hours of sleep each day, and alhamdulillah, D & I are still sane.

Our baby boy, N (full name: Daing Nabil Bin Daing Afdal) has turned 6 months and is growing well, alhamdulillah. Maybe a few minor issues, but otherwise, healthy and well (from the looks of his poop).

How’s your Hari Raya been? This year, D & I have decided not to buy new raya outfits, because we wanted to lose weight desperately. Hence, we used our old raya outfits as our motivation. As a result, I am happy to report that I fit into probably 50% of my old clothes? D didn’t get to the chance to test his weightloss success because none of his clothes matched the ones I could wear. Haha.

As for N, we only bought 1 raya outfit for him, because we know he won’t wear them next year (unless he wants to take part in the weight loss challenge next year haha) and the years after that. Subsequently we just dressed him in normal outfits like tshirts and pants.

Raya bakes. Well, initially I wanted to order, but the person I wanted to order from decided to bring her closing date earlier due to overwhelming response… so I contemplated whether to bake them or fight through the crowded Geylang Bazaar to get them. I ended up buying them from NTUC, and a piece of advice: Don’t buy if you cannot taste a sample.

Home decor. I have finally successfully persuaded D to get a carpet for our home of 3 years. Yes guys, 3 carpetless years. I saw a carpet design I loved and D caved in too. Heeee…

Next item on the list of persuasion: Get D to binge-watch ‘Nur’ with me.

Other than those, I have so many other things I want to share! Till the next one!


Guess what.

I had never posted this in any of my social media accounts, and whenever I am tempted to share, I held back wondering if I should make this public (padahal all my accounts are not public pun, LOL).

Today I decided to go with it, because I owe this to myself for memories keepsake.

So, bismillah…

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Teacher’s Day Gift

A few days ago, I was in the bus on the way home from work and I sat facing these two sisters (with their mum seated nearby). They attend the same primary school and of course at different levels.

They were having a conversation about what to buy for their teachers for Teachers’ Day and what first struck me to listen eavesdrop was their impressive American English accent. It didn’t sound made up since there wasn’t even a tinge of Malay accent (yes, they are Malay girls) and the whole conversation was so fluent. And entertaining too.

Anyway, their conversation went like this.

Sis 1: So what are you getting for Teachers’ Day?
Sis 2: I think I’m getting an iPhone case for Ms. XXX.
Sis 1: What model is she using?
Sis 2: I saw her using iPhone 6, so it must be iPhone 6.
Sis 1: The old or newer model?
Sis 2: Hmmm…
Sis 1: How’s the size? 
Sis 2: It’s like Aunt AAA’s.
Sis 1: Oh then it must be the newer model.

(I am not even aware that iPhone 6 has 2 versions. Hahaha.)

Sis 1: I think I’m getting a Stephen King book for Mr. YYY. He would like it.

(Eh eh, lain macam je girl.)

Sis 2: I know what to get for Ms. ZZZ! Rubber bands!

(Say what?)

Sis 1: Yes! You should! She always has a row of rubber bands around her arm. I can so imagine her saying this, “And the best teacher’s day gift goes to xxxx (Sis 2)”
Sis 2: Yeah! That’s why I thought of rubber bands! She’ll definitely appreciate them!

So teachers, if you feel your students are not paying attention in class, think again.

Salam Ramadhan!

Ramadan is only days away, yet even those days are not guaranteed. We shouldn’t solely depend on Ramadan to change our habits. Let’s switch on #RamadanMode today.:

Ahhh I miss writing.

First of all, Salam Ramadhan to my Muslim brothers, sisters, aunties, uncles, family, friends, dan sewaktu dengannya. Today we will be reaching one week into Ramadhan (in shaa Allah), and I hope the past 7 days have been nothing but beneficial for us all.

Second of all, I don’t plan to bother explaining why I have not been posting here for sometime (because, what’s new kan! hahaha), so I shall just jump in with one post after another. #nocommitment

Recently, Allah has given D and I yet another set of roller coaster event in our lives, where D was involved in a road accident on the eve of Vesak Day. The accident was not serious (and I don’t plan to go into details), but it resulted in a fractured left hand which needed surgery. Now with a metal plate installed into his hand to correct the fractured bone, I now have a part-Logan for a husband.

Surprisingly, I was not as cool as the time D had to undergo an emergency surgery to remove his appendix. I was more kan-cheong this time. So many things were worrying me, although our families were providing any support they could (mostly emotional support and prayers). It also helped that D was staying at Raffles Hospital – very atas sia. Macam hotel. Kalo korang takde strict budget, can try Raffles Hospital. LOL.

D is recovering very well as I am typing this now, and alhamdulillah things have been going rather uphill since the accident.

Also, we have a new member in the family by the name of Miss Siti Humaira Binte Muhammad Farhan! My pretty niece was born on 13 May 2017, and we couldn’t help reminisce the good old days with Falahuddin when he was just born. She has been one cool chick and so chill, that you’d be jealous.

I cannot wait to watch Humaira grow up and see how her character will be.

May Allah always keep us under His protection & love. Ameen.

Till the next post (whenever)!

With difficulty, there is ease.

Assalamualaikum everyone,

Something happened to D and I on 14 Feb, which gave me the chance to experience a reality of being married and living on our own.

I am not going into details on that day, but basically D was admitted to the hospital at the stroke of midnight for acute appendicitis. Google instantly became our library reference and we learned that he had no choice but to undergo surgery.

This was something terrifyingly new for the both of us. There we were at the Admission Area waiting for the staff to brief us on the administrative and admission stuffs, and D was seated in his wheelchair with terror in his eyes…

… and I decided to switch roles with D. Taking a deep breathe, I squeezed in a quick request to God to give me the strength and let me accept what is happening at the moment, then I said, “I am mentally prepared to cancel the Malacca trip, but let’s hear it from the doctor first.”

I was prepared to burn the non-refundable deposit to the hotel and be a no-show for our bus coaches on the travelling dates. I did not want to panic, I did not want to start sulking for having to cancel the trip, I did not want to be mad for feeling very tired. I had to be there and keep telling D that he will be okay. I had to go home by myself at 4am and gather his things at home and go back to the hospital in the morning.

2 days later we were back at our place, with advice from the doctor that we should not go ahead with the trip. D can walk, but cannot lift heavy stuffs during this recovery period. So like how most women’s brain works (hahah!), mine automatically started listing the things to do:
1) Contact hotel
2) Contact bus company
3) Scan medical documents just in case

Okay la, so it’s not that many things, but each item did take some time to settle. With each party’s understanding, alhamdulillah we were able to postpone our trip so we didn’t have to burn any non-refundable deposit, and the bus company was able to switch our bus tickets into Open Tickets.

And that is how and why, we are still in Singapore today. Haaaaah.

Despite that, we were not that bummed out. During this period, I am very happy to report that D has converted into a K-Drama fan watching K Dramas every day, and now speaking better Korean language (though it is still rubbish that we shall not go there for holiday).

He was also almost convinced that he should quit his job and become a house-husband because we felt that he does household chores better than me. Hey, I am not even complaining! But of course cannot la, rumah belum abis bayar liao.

After this episode, I realized that I am stronger than I thought I was. Initially I thought I was going to cry at the Admission area and wanting to request the doctors to allow me to be in operating room (so mengada ngada I know) and get a temporary maid to help me with chores, but Allah eased and breezed me through all this.

This proves that, a little prayer makes a huge difference.